Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eastern Easter


Just went back to India again! I love it there! There's so many people to talk to , be entertained by, and stuff to learn!

Arun Mesho taught me how to say Hiiiii by swaying my head to one side! I also learned to wave Ta Ta thanks to Mom training me to be a performing flea!

Gosh - i really miss all these people in Den Bosch. Opa found me some yummy Washington red apples - i love them! In his usual style he insisted we carry some back to Den Bosch. D-uh!

There were so many gifts! Thamma knit me some pretty in pink booties to match my dress! Love 'em! Doel got me oodles of stuff - love the dresses! Oma says i need to look more like a girl!

In Calcutta I went for walks - was pretty cool checking out the other rug rats. Mom thinks i don't much like the heat - but i don't mind it when I am outdoors!

All in all a pretty good trip 'cept that i wasn't allowed to eat any Easter eggs! Next year perhaps!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dad's Birthday

Hi there,

Been sort of tired, travelling all over the world,literally. Phew .. am glad to get a chance to blog again. The folks have been too busy to help me type, so there go all my exciting new thoughts!

It was Dad's birthday this week, sort of fun! Got him a couple of gifts, and an yummy cake etc. which Mom said I couldn't eat yet. Grown ups - duh! Mom had me togged in polka dots, (just to match her outfit, but Dad forgot to get pictures of me much to her chagrin!).

Here's a video - hope you can see it!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Go Going in Geneva

Hi there

Spent all of last week in Geneva - was pretty cool, though not cold! Our bag didn't arrive so mum was somewhat distraught!

I had a fun week - saw lots of different sights, met tons of people! On the way back mum looked hassled - i think it had something to do with a big girl taking something important out of my bag which mum carries sort of like a turtle shell on her back.

Here go some pictures!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm a Stranger Here Myself

I boarded a plane a foggy, cold December morning to go home. My folks tell me we nearly missed the flight. Not because Dad forgot our passports at home (as he is often wont to do) nor because Mom was packing till the last minute (as she is often wont to do). Apparently the Dutch traffic is to blame.

It was fun on the airplane. I found a new perching spot - its called a bassinet I hear. Much more cozy than my cot at home - though less room to do my little clock hand imitation. It was quite exciting- all these people, peering at me. Mom and Dad were sleeping, but i had fun anyway beaming at all the people going past me.

After what seemed like ages - we arrived in New Delhi! It was such a party - much more fun than the Den Bosch carnival. So many people! They looked much more like mom and dad as well!

Just when I was busy taking all of this excitement in - someone rather exciting, and half crazed rushed towards me and snatched me away from Dad. I didn't really mind. She seemed kinda familiar and was talking nineteen to the dozen - not unlike Mom. Turns out she is mom's sister who insists name is Boo. (Long story why). Then there was this other person I met - apparently my Masser (Punjabi for Uncle, d-u-h) - who made funny faces and added an appendage to my already silly name - thereby christening me Boo Singh!

This is just the beginning. Then there was all the catching up to do with the grandparents. I met Opa for the 1st time - he's kinda cool. I mean - with all of Oma's flapping - he appears quite sane. Though some insist that its his loony self that makes Oma flap. Chicken, egg , whatever.

All in all it was a pretty cool vacation. So many grand parents. Aunts. Uncles. Cousins. Phew..was pretty tiring. The social hoopla was never ending. Parties hosted in my honour to meet everyone. Birthday parties, Weddings, blah blah. Where do I begin?

I rather enjoyed being at home when things got very busy. Oma has these house elves - Dobbie and Binkie. Dobbie (aka Sharda) is pretty good at massages. Baby spas in India are kinda cool. Binkie talks quite a lot - usually when there's an audience. Apparently I missed meeting Mowgli Mama and Tequila Mashi. Both are busy playing in the Happy Hunting grounds.

There really is too much to write about so I'll add some photos instead. You can also checkout my photo albums.

I am now back. To Den Bosch. Which is home. I quite like it here. I get loads of attention from Mom. Also missed my pram while I was gone.

But the thing is I am confused - where is home? Where did my audience vanish? Where did those whirring things on the ceiling go away? Where does..yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooww

Gotta run. Mum's making some pumpkin mash for me ... lekker!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Merry Making in Meerbusch

Hi...Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Been pretty busy socialising! Mum and Dad took me to this party in Germany, and we stayed over. It was lots of fun. I rather enjoyed the change of scene - especially not having to sleep in my boring old crib in the night. Met another person about my size, perhaps a little bigger. He was called Jonah - though should have been called Joupy instead since he was crawling just like a zeehond..a seal i mean. Loads of strangers beamed at me - and I beamed right back!

Checkout my outfit - i believe polka dots are all the rage currently.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Little Baby Bunting

Ahhh...It's been pretty cold. Suddenly my pram is a nice place to be! Mummy puts me into this snug cozy bunny outfit, I think it makes me look rather chic. Thank you!

The colder it gets, the more Mummy seems to want to get me out of the house! Yesterday we met Aunt Jacqueline, Aunt Sharon and Little Robin in the arena. Checkout the pictures!

Jerry Giraffe

I have been so bored with the fatuous toys my folks seem to think i like! Silly dancing pops (puppets in dutch) and funny faced bunnies! Today Mummy finally got it - and decided to bring down all my pets. There it was at last - Jerry Giraffe! I love him! Especially his minty ears .. tastes pretty good !

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flip Flop

Ok...This is not about John Kerry's erstwhile campaign for presidency. Nor about my mum's penchant for owning several kinds of flip flops in varied colors. Here she goes rambling again.

This is about me doing a little flip onto my tummy! I was reaching for my mum's laptop..and hey presto suddenly I found myself facing a quilted white face! Ooops this wasn't right..I couldn't see much..had to push my self with my fore paws and look around! Looked like I was on my stomach like Joupy (the baby seal mum's obsessed with). Unfortunately I didn't know how to get back on my back..so I looked at mum, who was laughing like a lunatic, and she helped me flip back again. I have to say this view is much nicer!

All of this was rather tiring, so I decided to take a little nap in the day. Suddenly my cot seemed like a cosy place to be - much more exciting than mum, and her constant clattering on the computer. Ok..enough now..need some milk to keep writing..so perhaps tomorrow!

Aye ..